Turning scents into scenes - Blossom & Brush for Jo Malone

Blossom & Brush Jo Malone London shop windows visual merchandising window film

Most Blossom & Brush window films are created for people’s homes. They adorn everything from bay windows and patio doors to cupboards and fan lights. But every now and again, we’re asked to create something bespoke for a shop, café or something else entirely. Our film now calms patients as they wait in a dentist’s reception located in a gorgeous Victorian villa in Bristol, greets hungry customers at an Australian café and gets mouths watering at a British chocolatier.

 It’s always fun to work on a commission that’s a bit different – incorporating elements of the brand into the design. But nothing is better than when a brand you love asks for some work, which is exactly what happened recently when Jo Loves contacted me out of the blue.

Jo Loves is the latest venture of fragrance specialist and MBE, Jo Malone. She has a beautiful shop in London's Belgravia, which needed a new window display inspired by the fragrances within.

Having drawn inspiration from botanical plants, flora and fauna in nearly all my work, working on the brief was a dream. The ingredients they wanted to be brought to life were Lemons, Paperwhites & Petitgrain. I drew these to create a beautiful circular design, showing how the scents come to life and blend as they leave the bottle.

 The window is now installed and looking fantastic. It’s perhaps my favourite commission yet. I love the simplicity of design, which becomes more detailed as you look closer. It suits the brand perfectly.

Blossom & Brush window film window sticker Jo Malone Jo LovesJo Malone Jo Loves Blossom & Brush window film windowstickers decals vm

If you have a business and would like a Blossom & Brush window display. Drop us an email hello@blossomandbrush.com or give us a call on 07980881381.

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