Blossom & Brush Founder Rhiannon's House Tour

If you're anything like me, you love a good nosey around other people's homes. I like to see how they put things together, how they use colour and find inspiring new ideas for my own home.

Rhiannon Southwell Blossom & Brush window film Viv Yapp Apartment Therapy

Recently, I was approached by Apartment Therapy who asked if I would be interested in sharing my home for one of their House Tours. I jumped at the chance, and was so pleased with the results. 


Blossom & Brush win the Bristol Life Awards!

We are absolutely over the moon too announce that Blossom & Brush are the 2019 winners of the Bristol Life Awards, Homes & Interiors category. Here's what they had to say about us:
“Beautiful designs form the basis for this bold, original Bristolian company. Forward-facing in more ways than one, this kind of innovation is what makes our city so special.”
Blossom & Brush BRISTOL LIFE AWARDS window film

Blossom & Brush X Gromit Unleashed 2

Gromit Unleashed Cupid Blossom & Brush


We are over the moon to announce that Blossom & Brush designer, Rhiannon Southwell, has painted a Gromit sculpture. He was on show in Bristol as part of the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail which ran until the 2nd of September 2018. 

His name is Cupid, and he took Rhiannon 10 days to paint. He features the best selling Blossom & Brush Folk design in bright fuchsia & red. You can shop the original Folk window film

Turning scents into scenes - Blossom & Brush for Jo Malone

Blossom & Brush Jo Malone London shop windows visual merchandising window film

Most Blossom & Brush window films are created for people’s homes. They adorn everything from bay windows and patio doors to cupboards and fan lights. But every now and again, we’re asked to create something bespoke for a shop, café or something else entirely. Our film now calms patients as they wait in a dentist’s reception located in a gorgeous Victorian villa in Bristol, greets hungry customers at an Australian café and gets...

All our Blossom & Brush designs are now available on frosted window film.

All of our designs are now available in three different finishes. Our original white pattern on transparent background, reversed (white background with transparent pattern) and now our NEW FROSTED WINDOW FILM.
Blossom and Brush Folk window film originalBlossom & Brush FROSTED window film
To choose yours, click on your favourite design and then use the drop down menu...